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Welcome to Base Camps of America,
an organization dedicated to
environmental research and education.

In order to support our environmental research programs on Hood Canal cleanup and alternative energy for recreational vehicles and boats, BCA is liquidating properties in Washington and Florida. Because all assets will be used for these programs, no financing contracts are available through us.

We are offering a $1,000 finders fee on each of the properties to any person or organization that sends us a lead that results in a sale. The fee will be paid upon conclusion of sale.

If you are inquiring about our properties for sale, please click on these links:

5 Acres on Mt. Walker, Quilcene, Washington

1.25 Acres near Lake Okeechobee, Florida


Later in the year, we will offer three 5-acre lots at Point Whitney within a short walking distance of the US Fish and Wildlife Shellfish Laboratory and beach. This property has to be short-platted prior to sale.

In the near future, Base Camps of America also plans to sell its 10-acre lot at the corner of Highway 101 and Glen Logie Road. This will be an excellent tourist-recreational business site that can accommodate such businesses as restaurants, convention centers, trailer parks, gift shops, or any other variety of businesses that could attract tourism to this area. For a serious investor, this is a prime property.